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Get ready to see a side of the American Dream you didn’t know existed. These ever-changing times have been able to put so much into perspective when it comes to how we live our lives each day. Innovation has taken the lead in how we pivot to create a life that you’re excited about. For many, this type of advanced innovation can begin at home and expand to several different areas. As the world continues to transform and adjust during every unprecedented event, people are often left reflecting on their state of living and how they can improve on what’s in front of them.

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For the California-based mother of four, transformation in all aspects has fueled her creativity to take her on a one-of-a-kind journey in the world of interior design. Unlike your typical large, grandiose humble abode, designer and artist Samantha Creech is on a mission to reimagine homes for the modern-day family. People all over the country are waking up to the fact there is undoubtedly a better way to live. Being able to live stress-free in a space that’s uniquely you from top to bottom curates a level of happiness that can’t be replicated in a conventional way of buying and selling. In order to spend more time with the people we care about and navigate with intention, you have to think big and live small.

As a large family, Samantha and her four boys, Michael, Logun, Luke, and Heath, along with her parents, Tinna and Perry, all work together using practical tips and tools to sustain an everyday living. Loads of murals and lots of love, this family takes on a new meaning of tight-knit. Samantha’s design skills expand beyond the work of her tiny home but also into inspiring others to redefine home and rethink housing in a thought-provoking and creative way. In expressing her many talents, Samantha has worked with furniture restorations, murals, personalized wallpapers and has repurposed antiques for the makeover of a lifetime. With over a decade of experience and her own furniture business, Pick’n Perfect, where she flips and restores furniture, she truly knows the process of seamlessly turning someone’s trash into another person’s treasure. It’s been a way of life for a long as she can remember as her father works as a General Contractor with the skill validation of transforming her tiny house into a next-level masterpiece.

For some, the thought of a house on wheels can seem questionable, but for Samantha, staying in one place doesn’t fuel her in any form. In her military service, she constantly traveled the world, which sparked the need to keep moving, and what better way than to do that in style with her whole family under one roof. In a time where clutter and possessions rule the roost in the average American home, Samantha and her family intend to display a side of life that focuses on the foundation of togetherness and personal expression. In her blog and YouTube channel, Picturly Petite, she shows first-hand how shifting to tiny house living helps alleviate the pressures of society in a way that doesn’t question purpose. Samantha shows her strength not only through her impeccable design and art talents but also in her mothering skills with her four young sons. Being able to make her dreams come true in the presence of her family is a moment worth experiencing over and over again. As she intends to extend her resources with her furniture business Pick’n Perfect and her brand Picturly Petite, she plans to help others in the tiny house community. It’ll present an entertainment factor that the country desperately needs right now. With her family on board the entire time, each personality will have to intertwine as Samantha works to showcase her magic of recusing, repurposing, and reimagining the beauty in the old and forgotten. In pursuing these different passion projects, Samantha aims to inspire and excite people who are curious about her way of life and want to awaken the artistic and visual talents that live inside us all. When we stop trying to live big and start to think big, we have the unique ability to shrink our fears and create the space we deserve to enjoy.

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